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cATeYE SOUND SHIELD secures your fleet of work vans and trucks

CatEye: Your Sonic Solution for company equipment loss and destruction.

Equipment theft from fleet vans and trucks has become a significant concern for businesses in various industries. These vehicles often contain valuable tools, machinery, and other critical assets that are essential for day-to-day operations. Thieves target these vans and trucks due to the high value of the items they carry and the relative ease with which they can be accessed, especially when parked in remote or unguarded locations.

To combat this rising issue, innovative security solutions like the CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm have been developed. The CatEye Sound Shield is a cutting-edge alarm system specifically designed for fleet vans and trucks. It employs a powerful sonic deterrent, generating an unbearable sound when unauthorized access is detected. This sound is meticulously engineered to be intensely uncomfortable to human ears, yet remains non-lethal and harmless in the long term.

When a thief attempts to break into a vehicle equipped with the CatEye Sound Shield, the alarm is triggered, releasing a high-decibel sonic blast. The sound is so overwhelming that it forces the intruder to abandon their plan almost immediately. This rapid response is crucial in preventing the theft of equipment. Unlike traditional alarms that may simply signal a breach, the CatEye Sound Shield takes an active role in stopping the crime in progress.

One of the key advantages of the CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm is its deterrent effect. The mere knowledge that a fleet van or truck is equipped with such a formidable and discomforting alarm system can dissuade potential thieves from even attempting a theft. This proactive approach to security not only protects the equipment within the vehicles but also contributes to a broader sense of safety and security for the fleet owners and their employees.

Overall, the introduction of the CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm represents a significant advancement in the field of vehicle security. By leveraging the power of sound as a deterrent, it offers an effective and innovative solution to the problem of equipment theft from fleet vans and trucks, ensuring that valuable assets remain untouched and secure.

Simply arm the CatEye sonic alarm after exiting your car and disarm it before entering to ensure that anyone who enters your car or truck wants to leave. 

Keep your valuables safe during a vehicle break-in with the best sonic car alarm.


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Thief breaking into Van
CatEye sensor installed on sail panel  next to driver window inside vehicle.
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