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CatEye: Your Sonic Solution for Gun and Valuables being stolen from your vehicle.

Gun theft from vehicles has become a significant concern in many communities. The scenario typically unfolds when a thief, often opportunistic, breaks into a car to steal valuables. Among these valuables, firearms are particularly sought after due to their high resale value and potential use in criminal activities. The impact of such thefts is far-reaching, contributing to increased crime rates and posing a danger to public safety.

To combat this issue, innovative solutions like the CatEye Sound Shield has been developed. This alarm system is designed to be installed in vehicles, specifically to protect valuable items like firearms. The CatEye Sound Shield alarm works on a simple yet effective principle: if an unauthorized entry into the vehicle is detected, it triggers an alarm that emits an extremely loud, high-pitched sound. This sound is carefully engineered to be almost unbearable to the human ear, creating an immediate and strong deterrent effect.

The effectiveness of the CatEye Sound Shield lies in its ability to disorient and deter the thief almost instantly. In many reported cases, thieves who have triggered the alarm have been compelled to abandon their plans and flee the scene to escape the unbearable noise. This immediate response not only prevents the theft of firearms but also protects other valuables in the car. Moreover, the alarm serves as a warning to nearby individuals, potentially attracting attention to the attempted theft and increasing the likelihood of intervention or apprehension of the thief.

The use of such alarm systems represents a proactive approach to vehicle security. While it's essential for firearm owners to practice responsible storage and safety measures, including keeping weapons out of plain sight and ideally in locked containers, adding an additional layer of security like the CatEye Sound Shield can significantly reduce the risk of thefts from vehicles. By creating an immediate and hostile environment for the thief, this technology not only protects individual property but also contributes to the broader effort to reduce gun-related crimes in the community.

Simply arm the CatEye sonic alarm after exiting your car and disarm it before entering to ensure that anyone who enters your car or truck wants to leave. 

Keep your valuables safe during a vehicle break-in with the best sonic car alarm.


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Thief stealing guns from car
CatEye sensor installed on sail panel  next to driver window inside vehicle.
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