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CatEye: Your Sonic Solution for Car Smash and Grabs

Smash and grab attacks on your car can leave you feeling unsafe and afraid. Broken glass and stolen valuables are bad enough, a stolen car can disrupt your livelihood.

Stop car vandals and thieves before they can take anything from your locked car. The CatEye sonic alarm sends thieves running with an ear-piercing sonic attack. When the perimeter of your car is violated by a smash and grab attack, the CatEye sonic car alarm sends a sound beam at the thief so unbearable they abandon your car instantaneously. 

Simply arm the CatEye sonic alarm after exiting your car and disarm it before entering to ensure that anyone who enters your car or truck wants to leave. 

Keep your valuables safe during smash and grab attacks with the best sonic car alarm.


Buy the CatEye Sonic Alarm Below!

CatEye sensor installed on sail panel  next to driver window inside vehicle.
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