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With over 10 years in the automotive security business, we built an industry leading product in CatStrap, which has earned a strong reputation as the leader in catalytic converter protection. Over the years we received numerous reports of customers now struggling with other types of theft, such as vehicle break-ins. As the pioneer of the CatStrap anti-theft device, we've always strived to protect vehicles and fleets from costly damage and the CatEye Sound Barrier is our next technological solution to address evolving crime.


Just as we poured our passion into solving critical issues in stopping catalytic converter theft with CatStrap, we bring that same dedication to innovation with the CatEye Sound Barrier.


Driven by a desire to defend personal property and keep valuables safe from crime, our team of engineers worked relentlessly to advance an interior security solution. Through rigorous research and real-world pilot programs, CatEye Sound Barrier was born - an interior intrusion deterrent combining earpiercing soundwaves with simple wireless technology. You can trust that we carry our same commitment to excellence, durability, and customer care that made CatStrap the proven choice for converter protection.

From our Ohio headquarters, we take pride in delivering top-tier solutions - just as we've done for the past decade and counting. The CatStrap legacy of protection now continues on through the CatEye automotive and interior anti-theft security device.

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