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Protecting your RV or Motorhome with cATeYE SOUND SHIELD 

CatEye: Your Sonic Solution for deterring thieves from breaking into your home away from home.

Deterring thieves from targeting recreational vehicles (RVs), motorhomes, and travel trailers is crucial for the safety and security of these valuable assets. These mobile homes often contain personal belongings, electronics, and sometimes even irreplaceable sentimental items. One innovative solution that has shown effectiveness in deterring theft is the CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm.

The CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm is designed to be a formidable deterrent against thieves. Its unique selling point is the generation of an extremely loud, unbearable sound upon activation, which is triggered by any unauthorized entry or tampering. This sound is not only startling but also disorienting, making it nearly impossible for the intruder to continue their attempt at theft. The sheer volume and discomfort caused by the alarm are often enough to make a thief abandon their plan immediately.

Moreover, the alarm serves a dual purpose. First, it acts as a deterrent, making potential thieves think twice before targeting a vehicle equipped with such a system. And second, if a theft attempt does occur, the alarm's ear-piercing sound is designed to attract attention. This can lead to the quick intervention of bystanders or law enforcement, further increasing the safety of the vehicle and its contents.

In conclusion, the CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm represents a significant advancement in RV security. Its ability to create an unbearable sonic environment for thieves not only stops them in their tracks but also provides peace of mind for RV owners. By incorporating this technology into their security measures, owners can significantly reduce the risk of theft and enjoy their travels with added confidence and safety.

Simply arm the CatEye sonic alarm after exiting your car and disarm it before entering to ensure that anyone who enters your car or truck wants to leave. 

Keep your valuables safe during a vehicle break-in with the best sonic car alarm.


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CatEye sensor installed on sail panel  next to driver window inside vehicle.
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