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The CatEye Sound Barrier is an anti-theft device to prevent auto theft, smash and grab theft, vehicle break-ins,  and deter intruders from any interior space. It is the most effective solution for stopping break-ins and vehicle theft before any damage is done. Burglars and car thieves are instantly repelled when they encounter the CatEye Sound Barrier's 130 dB debilitating siren. 


  • PREVENT SMASH AND GRAB & AUTO THEFT: The disorienting 'sonic attack' delivers intolerable pain, instantly repelling thieves. 

  • ARM ANY INTERIOR SPACE WITH A SONIC SHIELD: Unleash a formidable 130 dB multi-pitch siren that triggers instantly when an intruder is detected. 

  • EFFORTLESS SECURITY SETUP: Secure any interior space using our wireless sensor and siren with seamless 'plug-and-play' installation.

  • COMMAND AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: Control peace of mind from your pocket. Arm and disarm the Sound Barrier with a simple key fob.


The CatEye Sound Barrier Anti-Theft device offers a simple design, effective performance, and peace of mind to keep intruders out of your space. 

Our proprietary design utilizes an ear-piercing 130 dB multi-pitch siren to arm any space with a hostile deterrent that will send thieves running. This is different than other car alarms because it creates an environment that is simply too painful to remain in the interior space. When used to secure your vehicle, it functions as a sonic steering wheel lock to prevent auto theft. The disorienting 'sonic attack' delivers intolerable pain, sufficient to instantly repel intruders from any interior space.


How does the CatEye Sound Barrier force thieves out of your property? 

  • First, the CatEye Wireless Siren module is installed in a discrete location such as: the footwell compartment of your car, under the seat, or in the rear cargo area. It is armed using the remote FOB after you exit the vehicle. 

  • Second, the CatEye Wireless Sensor module is installed in an open area in your vehicle's interior such as: near the rearview mirror, on your vehicle's dashboard, or center console so it has a good field of view of the interior space.

  • An intruder enters intent on making off with your valuables or your vehicle. 

  • The wireless sensor detects the intruder and the siren delivers an excruciating, ear-piercing sound cannon attack on the intruder. The 130 dB siren produces a noise level above the threshold of human pain. 

  • The intruder flees from the painful noise before they can make off with your valuables or your vehicle. 

  • An optional text message add-on feature of the CatEye sends a text message via WiFi and email alert to inform you of a break-in attempt (contact us if interested). 



  • 1 CatEye wireless siren unit.
  • 1 CatEye wireless sensor unit.
  • 1 remote Fob.
  • 2 Yellow warning stickers.
  • 1 Battery charger for the siren unit. 
  • Adhesive mounting strips. 


This anti-theft sonic protection device is a cost effective solution that can protect a fleet of trucks or a single vehicle. Unlike other costly solutions, the CatEye offers superior vehicle security on a budget. Whether you own a single car, manage a small fleet, or run an expansive logistics operation, CatEye Sound Barrier is your anti-theft car and truck security solution! 


We can equip the CatEye with an optional WiFi chip that automatically connects to any nearby WiFi signal, allowing the CatEye to send you a text and email alert and enabling a rapid response to protect your vehicle or fleet (contact us for additional details on WiFi communication).

CatEye Sound Barrier - Anti-Theft for Car Break-Ins and Property Protection

SKU: 0019
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