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Protect your garage or shed with cATeYE SOUND SHIELD 

CatEye: Your Sonic Solution for deterring storage area theft.

Theft from storage sheds and garages has become a widespread concern for homeowners. These areas often contain valuable items such as tools, bicycles, and gardening equipment, making them attractive targets for thieves. To combat this issue, innovative solutions like the CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm have been developed. This device is designed to be a highly effective deterrent against potential burglars.

The CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm operates on a simple yet powerful principle: creating an environment so uncomfortable that it forces the thief to abandon their plan. Upon detecting unauthorized entry, the alarm emits a piercing, high-decibel sound that is almost unbearable to the human ear. This sound is specifically engineered to create a disorienting and uncomfortable environment, making it extremely difficult for the intruder to remain focused or even stay within the vicinity of the alarm.

The effectiveness of the CatEye Sound Shield lies in its immediate impact. Unlike traditional alarms that simply notify homeowners or authorities of a break-in, this sonic alarm directly confronts the intruder with an immediate physical deterrent. The sound is so overwhelming that it leaves the thief with no choice but to flee, thus securing the property and its contents. Furthermore, the alarm's sudden and intense noise can also alert neighbors and passersby, increasing the likelihood of the thief being spotted and reported.

Overall, the CatEye Sound Shield Sonic Alarm represents a proactive approach to home security, particularly for protecting areas like sheds and garages. Its ability to immediately disrupt and deter thieves by creating an unbearable sonic environment makes it an invaluable tool in the fight against property theft. With such technology at their disposal, homeowners can feel more confident about the safety of their belongings and the security of their property.

Simply arm the CatEye sonic alarm after exiting your car and disarm it before entering to ensure that anyone who enters your car or truck wants to leave. 

Keep your valuables safe during a vehicle break-in with the best sonic car alarm.


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Thief breaking into garage
CatEye sensor installed on sail panel  next to driver window inside vehicle.
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